The eight congregations that form the Parish are

  • St John Bowhill
  • St John Forster (Walker Flat)
  • St Martins Mannum
  • Zion Milendella
  • Palmer
  • Pilgrims of Zion Sedan
  • and St Paul's Summerfield.
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St Martins, Mannum

Mannum_Building_Thumb.jpg Mannum_Hall_Thumb.jpg   Mannum_Inside1_Thumb.jpg Mannum_Inside2_Thumb.jpg

St John, Bowhill

Bowhill_Outside_Thumb.jpg Bowhill_Inside_Thumb.jpg Bowhill_Banner_Thumb.jpg

St Johns, Cambrai

Cambrai_Outside_Thumb.jpg Cambrai_Inside_Thumb.jpg

St John, Forster (Walker Flat)

Forster_Building_Thumb.jpg Forster_Inside_Thumb.jpg

Zion Evangelical, Milendella

Milendella_Building_Thumb.jpg Milendella_Inside_Thumb.jpg


Pilgrims of Zion, Sedan

Sedan_Outside_Thumb.jpg Sedan_Inside_Thumb.jpg

St Pauls, Summerfield

St Stephens, Stonefield

Sadly the St Stephens Church was closed on Sunday November 27th, 2016. Attended by the SA/NT District Bishop David Altus, members of the Mid Murray Parish, past members & friends and the surrounding community. The sermon was based on the painted text on the front wall, Psalm 119:105.

Stonefield_Outside_Thumb.jpg Stonefield_Inside_Thumb.jpg